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Gloria’s Good Health Introduces Healthy Chocolate to Decatur Alabama

Dee Myer, Caroline King, Jill Barran, "Gloria," and Libby Patrick Introduce Xocai Healthy Chocolate to Decatur Alabama

Libby Patrick and I just returned from our whirlwind trip to visit Jill Barran and her Xocai team in Decatur, Alabama to help spread the good news about Xocai Healthy Chocolate. Our first stop? Gloria’s Good Health. Gloria and her daughter, Dee Myer, have a thriving business.  The store offers massage therapy, InfraRed Body Wraps, Beauty Makeovers, Nutritional Consultations, Weight Loss Consultations and has “the best and safest supplements on the market.”  They have added Xocai Healthy Chocolate to the list.

I was so impressed by the cheery, helpful attitude of all of the employees who work there.  You can tell everyone there genuinely loves to help people look and feel their best.  One cool thing is their Smoothee Bar.  People came in for smoothees and protein shakes and would just stay and chat about healthy lifestyles that they were truly seeking to lead.

Libby and I gave a couple of presentations about Healthy Chocolate and met with people all day yesterday.  There are a lot of people in Decatur Alabama who are interested in high antioxidant products like Xocai as well as healthy weight loss that stays off.  We shared some stories of our own about the health benefits we have experienced, but I think some of the greatest stories came from guests.  One guest shared that her husband has lost 20 pounds on the High Antioxidant Protein Shake and she has lost 6 pounds after only 3 shakes in 5 days.  All I can say to that is, “Xocai works!”

I loved Dee’s story about her son’s reaction when he heard the words “Healthy Chocolate.”  He stopped what he was doing and looked right at her and said, “Mom, THAT is the best invention since the light bulb!”

I agree!

Call me if you would like to find out more about Xocai products in Alabama!

Caroline King, 404-966-2078

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