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Dr. Mike Hardacre to Speak about Xocai Healthy Chocolate

Dr. Mike Hardacre, practicing Oncologist with Decatur General Hospital

Dr. Mike Hardacre, a practicing Oncologist in Decatur, Alabama, will be speaking about Xocai Healthy Chocolate and how it can improve your health and wellness.  This polyphenol chocolate is part of his family’s healthy regimen.  Whether you are looking for ways to be healthier, have health issues you are concerned about, or are seeking higher athletic performance, find out why it should be part of yours too!

Dr. Hardacre received his medical degree from Indiana University.  After medical school he practiced Undersea Medicine in the US Navy, serving our US Special Forces.  While serving in this capacity, he became certified as a Health Promotion Director from the esteemed Cooper Institute in Texas.  He went on to complete training in Radiation Oncology.  He did research and is published on anti-inflammatory developments in the cancer process.  He served as Director of New Radiation Technologies in Indianapolis and helped design National Cancer Management Guidelines.  One of his main areas of interest is how nutritional choices impact our chances or health and wellness.

Where: Gloria’s Good Health

When: Tuesday, March 13th at 6:00 pm

No charge, just come 15 minutes early so we can start on time!

Caroline King, 404-966-2078

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Tremors? Try Healthy Chocolate!

YouTube Preview Image

This really seems just too amazing, but I encourage you to watch this video about Norma Miller.  She has Generalized Dystonia, a condition that causes unbelievable tremors.  After you watch it, keep reading.

I recommended Xocai Healthy Chocolate to someone here in Atlanta for a head tremor that was not even close to as serious as what Norma was dealing with.  However, it was strong enough that it was very noticeable.  She had tried many different medications to no avail.  I simply asked, “What do you have to lose by eating Healthy Chocolate every day for a couple of months?”  She decided to try it.

I didn’t see her for about six months.  When I saw her again, I actually couldn’t believe she was the same woman.  She had no tremors. She looked me straight in the eyes, with no head shaking.

Am I making claims that chocolate cured her?  Absolutely not.  Am I telling you that she did nothing else different except eat Xocai three to four times a day and her condition improved.  Yes.

Do I understand WHY Healthy Chocolate may have made a difference?  Absolutely not.  Just being honest.

Will I recommend it again if I talk with someone with a tremor?  Absolutely.

Caroline King, 404-966-2078

Xocai Healthy Chocolate

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Xocai Healthy Chocolate and Migraine Headaches

YouTube Preview Image

Migraines are something I know a thing or two about.  I used to get debilitating ones monthly.  Migraine sufferers are taught that chocolate is a trigger.  Watch this short video to hear how Xocai Healthy Chocolate completely changed my paradigm.

If you aren’t convinced, I haven’t had a migraine in 3 1/2 years.  Ready to watch now?

Contact me if you want to talk about it whether this might help you.

Caroline King


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Reasons to Eat Xocai #3 (Heart), #5 (Weight Loss) & #9 (Diabetes)

YouTube Preview Image

Why does Atlanta diabetic, Martha Christopher, eat Healthy Chocolate every day and share it with her friends and family?  For starters, her A1C has dropped, which, if you know anything about diabetes, is a very good thing.

Beyond that, her 80-year old step dad has been on blood pressure and diabetes medications.  Now his medical doctor took him off both medications because he is doing so well with both.

And her mother lost 10 pounds without even trying!  What woman wouldn’t want that?

Watch to find out!

If you would like to be connected with Martha to find out more about her experience with Xocai Healthy Chocolate, either with her own diabetes or with her parents, please contact me and I will put you directly in contact with her.

Caroline King, 404-966-2078,

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Aging Boomers Spur Booming Health Industry In Atlanta

Atlanta Low Risk Home Based Business There are over 39 million Americans in the 65+ age group; about 13 percent of the population. By 2030, this number will increase to 72 million. ( According to Senior Journal, about seven out of ten senior citizens are worried about their health.

The Centers for Disease Control reported that more than 40 percent of people aged 50 – 64 said they have problems with at least one of nine physical functions. (MSNBC on Baby Boomers). Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease are the biggies.

Xocai healthy chocolate products can help protect Southeast US men and women from health threats. Xocai chocolate is a rich source of antioxidants. Antioxidants counter free radical cell damage which is linked to most age-related diseases.

I like this description of free radical damage found in an article from the Harvard School of Public Health:

“Free radicals come in many shapes, sizes, and chemical configurations. What they all share is a voracious appetite for electrons, stealing them from any nearby substances that will yield them. This electron theft can radically alter the “loser’s” structure or function.

Free radical damage can change the instructions coded in a strand of DNA. It can make a circulating low-density lipoprotein (LDL, sometimes called bad cholesterol) molecule more likely to get trapped in an artery wall. Or it can alter a cell’s membrane, changing the flow of what enters the cell and what leaves it.”

Antioxidant products are being snapped up by people in Atlanta and beyond who are concerned about age-related health conditions. This trend will only increase as Southeast US baby boomers get older.

You can own your own Atlanta health business that sells the best-tasting antioxidant product on the market: Xocai antioxidant chocolate. Call me to find out how.

Caroline King, 404-966-2078

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Harness the Power of Xocai Chocolate In Atlanta

Chocolate Ancient Health Food It is generally acknowledged that the Mayans had the most advanced civilization on the American continent before the Spanish Conquest. They excelled in a number of areas including engineering, mathematics, architecture, and agriculture.

One of their valued crops was the equatorial cacao tree. The Mayans and the earlier Olmec civilization were the first known societies to recognize the potent nutritional properties of the cacao bean. It was regarded as a gift from the Gods and was believed to have supernatural powers. Cacao beans were used to make a bitter drink (‘xocolatl’) that was consumed for health and as part of religious ceremonies.

Dr. Steven Warren, MXI medical advisor and expert on geriatric health said, “These ancient peoples used the chocolate bean as the main ingredient in a bitter beverage revered for its nourishing qualities and ability to boost energy. It was also used to treat stomach and intestinal complaints, infections, fevers and coughs.”

Cacao beans were brought to Europe by Columbus and Cortes but, unfortunately, the nutritional makeup of chocolate products diminished with each successive processing method. The cocao beans were fermented, dried, roasted, alkalized, heated, and mixed with other ingredients such as sugar and milk. Each process kills valuable flavanoids or adds unhealthy sugar and calories.

The so-called ‘chocolate’ typically eaten in Buckhead and Atlanta has virtually no flavanoids left.

The patented Xocai cold processing method reverses centuries of chocolate manipulation and brings it back to the pure state enjoyed by the Mayans.

Xocai healthy chocolate is a natural plant-based product, not an ‘engineered’ food created in an Atlanta lab.

By eating Atlanta Xocai healthy chocolate in its minimally-processed state, as the Mayans did, you can also harness the power of Metro Atlanta MXI antioxidant chocolate.

  • Business Owner Caroline King
  • Atlanta, Georgia
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  • Xocai
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Lose Weight in Atlanta with Chocolate

Atlanta Xocai Review Hi, this is Caroline King of Atlanta with news about Xocai’s X-ProteinMeal Replacement Shake. In the successful Metro Atlanta Xocai weight loss pilot study, participants replaced 2 meals daily with the X-ProteinMeal Replacement Shake.

The X-ProteinMeal is Atlanta’s first cacao-based, high-antioxidant, high-flavonoid, high-protein meal replacement. Instead of telling you only what Atlanta Xocai has to say about the X-Protein Shake, let’s see what some non-affiliated organizations say about the key ingredients:

Cacaoweb says:

“Cocoa beans contain polyphenols with antioxidant properties which are health beneficial. Flavonoids also reduce the blood’s ability to clot and thus reduces the risk of stroke and heart attacks.”

Cleveland Clinic says:

“Flavonoids help protect plants by shielding them from environmental toxins and helping repair damage. When we consume plant-based foods rich in flavonoids, it appears that we also benefit from this ‘antioxidant’ power. Antioxidants are believed to help the body’s cells resist damage caused by free radicals. When the body lacks adequate levels of antioxidants, damage from free radicals occurs and leads to increases in LDL (‘bad’)-cholesterol oxidation (oxidized LDL-cholesterol hurts the arteries) and plaque formation on the walls of the arteries.”

Though some Buckhead folks think of Xocai chocolate as an MLM scam, there are plenty of Metro Atlanta and Southeast US dieters who are losing weight with the Xocai chocolate diet.

If you would like to learn more about Xocai weight-loss chocolate, join me at my next helpful Xocai review. Call me at 404-966-2078 for the date, time, and location.


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Reason #3 to Eat Xocai: Heart Health

YouTube Preview Image

Kara, a librarian in Birmingham, Alabama, has struggled with fibromyalgia for a dozen years.  If you missed the other video about her painful condition, you can click here to see it.

Kara has been under the care of a cardiologist for her heart health due to the swelling in the veins, caused by her fibromyalgia.  After consuming Xocai Healthy Chocolate for one month, her cardiologist kicked her out of the office.  Watch this to find out why!

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Reason #10 to Eat Xocai- Fibromyalgia and Xocai

YouTube Preview Image

I had a great conversation this weekend with Kara Ganter, a beautiful librarian, from Birmingham, Alabama. I was so impressed, I asked her if I could make a short video of her story.  You see, Kara has suffered with fibromyalgia for a dozen years.  This is a debilitating condition that creates a lot of intense pain and lack of energy (and lack of sleep).  Since Kara has been on Xocai Healthy Chocolate for one month, she has had tremendous results.  Don’t take my word for it.  Watch and listen for yourself.  But just promise me that if you know someone with fibromyalgia, you will send them this blog post.  If they would like to speak with Kara, I will connect them to learn more.

Thank you!

Caroline King, 404-966-2078

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Reason #19 to Eat Xocai – Fast Food Causes Depression!

Ok, I simply find this fascinating!  Two different studies, one in the United Kingdom and one in Spain, found a link between people who eat fast food and depression!  You ARE what you eat! If you put crappy food into your body, you get crappy results.  What is so fascinating to me is that there appears to be a correlation with mental health, not just physical health.

Professor Sanchez-Villegas with the Spanish University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, found that

You ARE what you eat!

“participants with an elevated consumption of trans-fats presented up to a 48 percent increase in the risk of depression when they were compared to participants who did  not consume these fats.”  The researchers in London found that participants whose diet was high in saturated fats and processed foods were at a 58 percent higher risk of depression.

48-58%!!! That is HUGE!

Reason number 19 to eat Xocai the Healthy Chocolate superfood in Atlanta, Georgia and the Southeast US.  Mood!   Chocolate positively improves blood flow to the brain, thereby affecting mental function, cognition and mood.  Several chemicals in cocoa enhance mood, decrease depression and moderate emotional response.  This is based on research like the study documented in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition that found that “chocolate preference in old age was associated with better health, optimism and better psychological well-being.” (2008 Feb; 62(2):247-53. Chocolate, well-being and health among elderly men.)  For that matter, just google Dark Chocolate Mental Health.  There is a plethora of research on cocoa helping with mood disorders.

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